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Okay, good ones are subjective. But we’re positive the right ones are built on knowledge. So we’re not interested in the most wildly creative idea – we’re developers of the most insightful one. Because this business isn’t simply about creating art, it’s about using art to make an impact.

Talent rules.
We place a premium on gifted individuals with a distinct artistic voice. Talent can’t be taught – but it can be nurtured. As writers, filmmakers and designers, our products are meticulously hand-built with the skill of dedicated craftsmen. We believe in passion, creative conviction, and always pushing ourselves to get better at what we do.

Entertainment is in our DNA.
We develop content across a wide spectrum of media for a variety of audiences with a singular common thread – entertain or fail. Entertainment fosters engagement, engagement pricks the heart and opens the mind to influence. We’re determined to be responsible influencers – whether it’s our message or yours.

Strategy by design.
The lines between production companies and design firms have become blurred. Or at least that’s the case here – and it’s intentional. Strategic thinking and good design are inherently linked, and they’re foundational to our workflow. Before a frame of film is ever shot, we design the project – figuratively and literally. It’s a plan for action, and if we can express it in artwork that people respond to – we’ve done our homework.

Good people, great relationships.
Killer work doesn’t happen without authentic collaboration. And who wants to collaborate with people they don’t like? Not us. Above all we believe in relating to every client, partner, collaborator and crew with integrity and respect. We do what we do to make people happy. Without that we‘d find an easier way to a make a living.

We like fans more than awards.
Okay, awards are cool, but we don’t spend our time chasing them. Being recognized by people we don’t know has it’s pleasures, but we’d rather make fans out of the people who know and work with us everyday. Hopefully that will be you.

The facts.
DME was founded in 2007 by two-time Emmy nominees (wink) Scott Mayo and Sam Ditore.

We’re currently located just north of Dallas, TX in a loft space we’re threatening to outgrow.

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